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William Wesley

Filed under: Follow-Up Stories,Scandals,Sports — Tags: , , , , — Positronic Dave @ 5:08 pm May 17, 2010

The addition of William Wesley to the National LeBron James dialogue is making this all read like Shakespeare.

But soft, who approacheth? Why, ’tis William of Wesley. What ho, oh Broker of Power from the Kingdom of NBA? What news?

Wesley: I bring word to teams across the land. Why just buy one player, when you can have a coach too? Huh? How about a little John Calipari to go with that LeBron James? Is that not a deal of package?

A what?

Wesley: I mean a package deal. Is that not a package deal?

Oh Wesley, ye who is known by “Worldwide Wes” Dost thou think they wherever Calipari goeth, so goeth James? Thou speak of coaching job openings with yon Bulls of Chicago and those stalwart Nets of the Jersey New. Hear ye not the dulcet call of the Knicks that doth fill LeBron’s very high-up ears?

Wesley: Ha! at his mother he rages, for he has been cruelly stung by a hand he called team-mate. You’ll see! My words shall entreat! The day shall be mine! For now, I retire to the shadows, where my magic shall I work. Mwaha-hahahahaha….!

Exit- NBA Power Broker, William Wesley.

You can see how the people of Ohio feel in this video: