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Why RI State Rep. Dan Gordon is a Dummy-Head.

To be honest, I call Rhode Island State Rep. Dan Gordon (Tiverton) a “dummy-head” because homophobe is used too often. This one-man immovable object of dull-thought is trying to stem the evil Gay Agenda from taking over the Tiverton High School via a Gay-Straight Alliance chapter being started there. Because you know, bullying epidemic aside, once you start letting the smallest opportunity for students to develop understanding while at an institution for learning… well, it’ll be Gay Sex in the hallways for jiminy’s sake!

Or so run the fevered nightmares of RI State Rep. Dan Gordon.

Hetero Dan plans to threaten Tiverton High School funding if this group is allowed to exist. Dan Gordon believes the purpose is so teens can “get sexed up” at this salacious hook-up-o-ramas that pass for spaces where teens can talk openly about who and what they are, without fear or bullying. And Dan, notice it’s called the “Gay Straight Alliance”? It’s an open group where kids can come together in a safe space, Dan. Free from bullying. By people like you.

Dan Gordon goes on to speak, with a resource of knowledge that comes from a time when we used whale oil in wick lamps, that there wouldn’t be so much bullying at schools anyway, if these gays didn’t look and act so… well… gay… and bully-able. And soft… and punchable… and so smooth in the harsh light of the school’s florescents… I’m sorry, I got off-track… where on the Kinsey Scale  were we?

Citing that he would bring similar harsh measures against “any sexual meet-up groups” we assume Dan Gordon is already laying out his plans for bringing Prom Night to a crashing halt as well. Can’t have all those boys in tuxes and women in gowns in one sexual meet-up group, you know. Not on school property.

Not on RI State Rep. Dan Gordon‘s watch.