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Wow… just wow. We present, the vuvuzela… Just when you thought people cannot possibly be any more obnoxious than they already are, there is someone out there, in the fertile fields of human possibility that, armed with a metaphorical shovel, is ripped and ready to take us all down a few more inches into the dark stench of the ridiculous.

For those of you who aren’t at World Cup 2010 in South Africa, or have never watched a soccer game with the sound turned up (what are you looking at?) then perhaps you have never had your ears gifted with the less-than-dulcet tones of the vuvuzela horns. You probably have never been at a serious New Year’s Eve celebration either.

Because, one way or another, your ears would have been molested already, usually by some moron, for whom blowing one of these right up against another person’s ears, is just the apex of public comedy. The last person who did that to me is still have the vuvuzela surgically differentiated from their larynx.

This horn is so obnoxious, heres a video of soccer players complaining about it:

So why, in the name of that is holy, semi-holy, demi-holy; even in the name of all that isn’t holy at all, why would Youtube install a button on some of their videos that replicates the drone-of-doom of these horns, and on a loop-feed, no less?

If you go to Youtube

World Cup 2010 USA vs Algeria

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True to their record of, if not winning games, then fighting the other team to draw, the World Cup 2010 USA vs Algeria game is tied at 0-0, at half-time. Bulldogs! These players of ours are veritable bulldogs who, when they’ve clamped jaws down on something, just won’t let it go, whether they are outclassed or not. Go Team!

A well-executed play by Altidore, Donovan and Dempsey, which deserved a goal if for no other reason than its smooth choreography, ends up thwarted by an equally talented and motivated Algerian goalkeeper. Mere seconds later and The U.S. is back, hungry for points, Altidore gets a shot, takes a shot, and… misses the shot. Our coach is not pleased, in that “jumpy/yelly” kind of way. The USA vs Algeria match is hard on everybody, I guess.

So far, the teams seems fairly matched, which I think speaks volumes for America finally earning its way into International respect as a World Cup force with which to be reckoned. If they can emerge from the USA vs Algeria with a tied score, this will force England vs Slovenia in the second round.

I know this is optimistic of me, but I’d like to think that every year the USA team carries themselves so proudly at the World Cup, is another year closer to soccer being taken seriously back in this country. Team USA are a bunch of bulldogs, the USA vs Algeria match proves it.

If the

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