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Judges Stops Wisconsin Anti-Union Law… for Now, Anyway

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There is a little bit of joy amongst Wisconsin’s teachers and other union employees tonight, as Governor Scott Walker’s notorious union-busting bill has been blocked, at least temporarily, allowing some hope that it will have to go through the process again, hopefully this time in a more legal and less draconian way than last time.

As everyone knows by now, the bill was not just asking the unions for concessions given the very tough economic times we all live in

Keith Olbermann on Unions and Union Busting, and what it all really means, to him, and us.

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Young Keith OlbermannIt seems old friend Keith Olbermann is back in the game. I just read this most excellent article on the Wisconsin union death match going on right now. Keith relates what he experienced as a young union member at his first real job with the go-for-the-throat actions of the new Yahoo that got elected Governor in Wisconsin. This guy’s a real piece of work, as evidenced by the punking he got via prank phone call pretending to be his puppet-master David Koch. (videos below)

Keith takes them all apart, and tells us why we need to care. It’s everyone’s ass on the line, really.

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