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Rob Dibble Fired

Filed under: "Who Cares?" News,Controversy,Idiots,Radio,Sports — Tags: , — Positronic Dave @ 7:23 pm September 2, 2010

Rob Dibble

News of the specific comments that got Rob Dibble fired fill me with the oddest emotion I’ve ever had when addressing an issue regarding a loud, obnoxious sports-radio mouthpiece… I actually feel bad for him. Go figure, right?

Rob Dibble who is, I mean, was what is described as a “color analyst” (whatever that is… can someone tell me?) for the Washington Nationals who has somewhat of a reputation for being a “bad boy” who will just say whatever wacky, usually-offensive, wild comment that runs straight from his mind to his mouth without coming anywhere near his brain’s critical judgement center on the way. A former ESPN radio commentator (gee, I wonder why he’s a “former”…) Rob Dibble was already suspended for some stupid comments he made about some women on last week’s broadcast.

This time though, it was his unsympathetic, Drill-Sargent rant against Washington Nationals’ pitcher Stephen Strasburg was apparently the straw to the Washington Nationals managements camel of patience. Mocking him at the time as a little cry-baby because his arm hurt, Rob Dibble looked quite the ass when it was announced that Strasburg had suffered a torn ligament in his elbow, something quite a bit more severe than a “boo-boo.”

Stephen Strasburg

God, I’m such a softy, but stories like Stephen Strasburg‘s debut just get me in that vulnerable spot, right next to where my soul is supposed to be. One of the excitements of the MLB Draft 2010 is teaming with Nicko Sports for a good cause.

Nikco sports is doing a fundraiser benefit for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Mid-Atlantic, by offering for sale 2,010 copies of a framed photo of Washington Nationals Rookie Strasbourg’s first pitch. But wait