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Trend Watch January 23, 2011

Well, I have to say, the trend watch for today, Sunday, January 23rd, 2011 looks a little grim, at first perusal. It’s about 2pm EST and the top searches are about unemployment benefits and whether you can get the in places like Ohio and Arizona. Which, in Arizona, will probably involve loose interpretations of “probable cause” to ask for proof of citizenship, should the applicant be Hispanic, or even kinda Hispanic-looking. Damn suspicious, all that standing in line in a poorly ventilated and institutional-colored state government office like the Arizona Unemployment Office. Damn suspicious. Good thing we have SB1070 to make a third of the state’s population nervous about applying for assistance in these econimically-uncertain times. No profiling there.

Another top

Google Spies

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Ok… when Google Trends sends me cryptic messages like “google spies!” am I supposed to believe that Google is spying on me, or that I should use the Google search engine to find out about spies? And if I do the latter, does that mean I fall into just what the masterminds behind the former want me to do? And who sent them? And what are they really up to? I miss when trends were mostly about Justin Bieber.

See? This is why this conspiracy stuff is so hard to keep track of… you don’t even know where to begin half the time.

Google Spies? More Alex Jones And Fall Of The Republic Controversy

Now, Alex Jones wants you to believe that his conspiracy musings are being oppressed so that this important messages of political warning won’t be heard by the nefarious forces that don’t want us to hear or read them. Damn those Google spies! According to Jones, someone has been sneaking into his Youtube account and removing files.