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What is the Tea Party?

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A screengrab from video of the parade is shown.

A good question these days is, “What is The Tea Party?” You can’t throw a stone these days without hearing references to the alleged “grassroots movement” and certainly FoxNews has become a one-stop shopping center of Love for the group that has earned the respect of high-minded polito-cultural rockstars as Sarah Palin, Gelnn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Why, I bet the original National Socialists would have found the Tea Party quite acceptable.

What is the Tea Party? Well, while some few of them claim quite legitimate grievances, and trace their roots back to Libertarians like Ron Paul, the Tea Party of today has become a buffalo-herd of loud, under-educated, willingly ignorant malcontents that could really use some help with their sign-making. Additionally, given the plethora of blatantly racist signs and slogans, the Tea party would like all the darkies and the spics, pinkos and queers to know that they are not racists. Good to know… thanks for putting our concerns to rest on that one.

What is the Tea Party? It is the under-educated, fueled by a fear/demonizing of “The Other” (which in this case seems to be Muslims and Liberals, in equal measure) and egged on by the likes of FoxNews. Additionally, the Tea Party

Shirley Sherrod

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It would be easy to say “Thanks a lot, Shirley Sherrod, for giving Fox News and the Tea Party people a single, shiny example of ‘Prejudism vs. Whites’ that they can now run with, while they continue to ignore and down-play the millions of examples of prejudism in their own hearts.

The former U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Georgia’s Rural Development Office was speaking at the NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet back in March, when she told the story of how she could’ve done more to help a Georgia farmer, but that she hesitated at first, because the man was white, and all she could think of was all the black farmers that have lost their farms.

However, the teachable moment here was, she continued, when Shirley Sherrod stopped to think, and realized the situation was not about white vs black, it’s about the “haves” vs the “have nots” in this country. In retrospect, she said, she realized she had not helped the white farmer as much as she could have.

The reason the video surfaced was that, Tea Party activists

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