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Have a New Year… You Could Do Worse

So by this point, no matter where you are in the New Year time-zone shuffle, you have been dragged from 2010 and launched head-first into 2011 because that’s the way the New Year rolls, my people. Even though, to every other mammal on the planet and all of the other life forms too, what has occurred is more like: the sun went down many hours ago and then it came back up again. So, in that spirit, Happy New Day! Make the best of it and/or keep your head down, or whatever mix of the two works best for you.

So how was your 2010? Mine barely sucked at all, unless you factor in all the stuff that sucked last year. In which case it was… difficult. Still, here I am, dipping my toes into 2011 which granted, is better than having gotten here toe-up. Sometimes it’s those little things

New Nuclear Arms Treaty? It’s a START…

Filed under: Military,Politics,Threats and Tensions,World — Tags: , , — Positronic Dave @ 1:35 am December 23, 2010

Providing President Obama with a much needed additional victory, the Senate passed the new START (STrategic Arms Reduction Treaty), the first significant arms-reduction treaty between the United States and Russia in almost twenty years. Along with the passage of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal and the passage of a 9/11 First Responders Health Care bill, these last few days of government work have provided the beleaguered President Obama with some much needed good news and PR wins.

Plus, this also annoys Senator John McCain, so that’s a special kind of frosting on the cake.

The treaty passed by a more than two-thirds majority, and now all that remains is for it to be ratified by the Russian Parliament. It means that, with the US and Russia not only limiting their own arsenals to just over 1500 missiles and 700+ launchers, they are also more closely working together to both account for nuclear materials, as well as keeping them out of the hands of rogue nations and terrorists organizations.

And again, while it seemed that Democrats and Republicans came together in true bipartisan effort on this vote, there were still the hold-outs, not least of which was Senator John “If You Keep Making That Face It Will Get Stuck That Way” McCain. First he insisted that an amendment be added that keeps separate US missile defense plans, then he voted against the bill anyway. But then again, that seems to be Classic McCain: not happy unless others are unhappy or else John isn’t happy.

It should be noted that the bill passed by a 71-26 vote. Polls have indicated that support for the bill amongst Americans showed 73% in favor and 24% against it, almost perfectly echoing the Senate vote.

Well, it doesn’t make this a perfect, safe world, but it’s a START.