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North Korea May Be Off Its Meds…

It’s been a bipolar kind of week for North Korea, feuling speculation that its leader is crzy and its population is too scared, or controlled, to say so. In other news, the shy is still up, water is still wet and sarcasm is doing just fine, thanks for asking!

Earlier this week, North Korea threatened military action if the joint US/South Korea went ahead as planned. Then it said it wouldn’t over-react. And now, we’re back to threats again, with North Korea vowing to conduct a “scared war o’ justice” should South Korea try anything funny. Considering that Kim Jong Il has no sense of humor (I mean, he thinks the way he dresses is a fashion win) and that his 19th anniversary of becoming the leader of North Korean military is this Friday, so of course, North Korea wants to throw down some powerful rhetoric as background music.

Leaders in Seoul showed they knew how to volley back… threats that is. And so both Koreas have been engaged in an “Oh yeah?” vs. “That’s right!” exchange of words. It’s gotten so even China has asked the two of them to keep it down, people in that region of the world are trying to concentrate on other things.

The only problem is that, often after these verbal exchanges, North Korea has done something crazy like fire a missile into the Sea of Japan, lobbing artillery shells into disputed territory, taken shots at soldiers along the DMZ, or even conducted a nuclear test. In short (and by short, I mean Kim Jong Il) removing any doubt that when it comes to crazy and rash, North Korea has got game, still.

So, while the rest of the world tries to enjoy a holiday season, North Korea feels the need to remind everybody that, in the view of its leader, instability is considered a virtue. So, Merry Christmas, North Korea, try not to shoot Santa down, Ok?


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