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MacGruber Passes On From SNL

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MacGruber has failed to disarm his last bomb on SNL. The funny-until-it-was-overdone-just-like-every-SNL-skit that parodies the old MacGyver TV show featured Will Forte who, he has announced, will not be returning to Saturday Night Live for what would have been his 9th season. I know the show has routinely gone through two cycles over it’s many decades: the funny periods and the not-funny-suck periods. Clearly, SNL is in the latter of the two phases and even Will Forte has realized it.

The split is being reported as friendly, with no hard feelings. Meaning that Will wants to explore other career opportunities, such as being in a movie or TV show that was, in fact, funny. Can hardly blame the man for that. Sadly, this just bleeds Saturday Night Live of another funny, versatile comedic actor at a time where they cannot afford it.

For those who need that extra dose of Will Forte, can catch MacGruber on the recetly-released DVD of the surprisingly Ok movie. In a refreshing change from what often can happen when an SNL skit of ten minutes is turned into a 90 minute movie (Coneheads, anyone? I didn’t think so.) MacGruber just turns the dumb charm of the original idea up to “11” and verily the cheese doth flow. And without the acerbic taste of post-irony ruining the fun for everyone.

Aping the various action-adventure formulae, we have the hero who has faked his death to live in a temple, becoming all spiritual and junk, until a friend asks him to resume the ol’ violence, but for a good cause. The movie is spiced by comedic performances (read: will actually make you laugh) from Ryan Phillippe, Kristen Wiig and Powers Boothe, and only slight brought down by Val Kilmer’s “I take my self too damn seriously” continuing attempts to be the New Brando, when he should just try and be funny.

The movie has all the things that made 1980s TV shows so ttractive in today’s nostalgia-vision: loud, frantic music, explosions, low budget scenery and effects, explosions and more explosions.

Clearly, what they saved on a script they spent on explosions.

Yet there’s an infectious fun in the MacGruber film, much like in the 1950s Horror/Sci Fi send-up The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

Val Kilmer

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Val Kilmer has been cool since I was young. From Real Genius to Willow, he became the fresh face on the screen scene. Over ther years, he’s done some amazing work (“Salton Sea”, “Top Gun,” “Top Secret” and “Kiss Kiss bang Bang”) and some pretty horrible crap (“Batman Forever” and “The Island of Dr.Moreau”).

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