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A visual tour history of Skype

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Came across this info-graphic about the history of Skype and thought it was extremely well done, and informative. VoIP for business telephone systems and personal calling has become a huge force in the communications and business worlds. From SIP Trunking and Asterisk PBX applications to video chat on an iPhone or iPad, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) seems here to stay, because if cost and other advantages over POTS, or Plain Old Telephone Service.

Visual history of Skype, from Online MBA.

Skype, what all the full is about in VoIP for business, SIP Trunking and personal communication

ABC News: Getting Lazy via Skype

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An ABC News experiment in technology-based journalism is not quite having the effect that the people who came up with the plan intended. For a little while now, ABC News has aired interviews conducted via Skype, or for the luddites among us, those tiny little cameras implanted in your computer. Right there, on the the inside of the laptop lid…. wait! Where are you going? Come back, the Skype won’t hurt you! Oh man, now we’ve spooked the luddites.

Ok, Back to ABC News. So some innovative producers thought that conducting interviews via Skype would give the interviews a gritty, real quality that often is lacking in televised interviews, where the subject is well-dressed, made-up, hair combed and prepared. Apparently, seeing someone without a tie, with their home or office as a backdrop just smells of intimacy and journalistic integrity, or something.

And, sure