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Tax Cut Deal Passes… No One is Happy

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The controversial tax cut deal passes… no one is happy… this must be Washington, D.C.

Behind all the trumpeting of important work and bi-partisan progress, the passing of this bill, while possibly very necessary to keep our economy from stalling yet again, is leaving a sour taste in the mouths of almost everyone involved, as well as the kind of stains on the hand that drove Lady MacBeth around the bend. Let’s start at the top and sink down from there…

President Obama: One hand, he made this bill happen, when everyone was saying there was no way to pass yet another stimulus package in this post-mid-term election era of tight-wadedness.

Obama Makes Deal with GOP Over Tax-Cuts & Unemployment Benefits… or “That’s One Way to Put It.”

President Barack Obama speaks about the U.S. economy

Today, President Obama announced he had made a deal with Republicans over tax-cuts and Unemployment extensions to the other 99% of America. This deal also comes with tax breaks for businesses… which are mostly owned by that wealthy 1%. Nice for them… good politics if, you know, you can afford it. I suppose we’re lucky President Obama didn’t sell them the whole farm for the option to buy some bridge property in Brooklyn, NY.

Now many defenders of the President say that he made the deals in order to buy millions of out-of-work, or under-employed, Americans a critical extension of unemployment checks. All he had to do was extend the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest, which were due to run out

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