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Ron Paul to Son Rand: You’re Wrong About the Ground Zero Mosque

Filed under: Controversy,Politics — Tags: , , — Positronic Dave @ 8:50 pm August 24, 2010

Oh Ron Paul, what do you do when your son, Rand, says the wrong thing about a fairly uncomplicated issue? Why you take him, and others that share his stance, to task, explaining to them their mistake and redirecting them to little guideposts, like the U.S,. Constitution that could better direct them, as opposed to their own xenophobic tendencies and the political expediency of playing toward the cheaper and dumber seats.

Being the Libertarian that he is, the Senior Paul is in favor of letting the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” be built as it is a simple matter of 1st Amendment Rights, the Right to worship as one sees fit, and besides, Ron Paul maintains,

Another Rand Paul Hoax Story Bites the Dust

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The media factions are at war again (again? like they ever stopped?) as a Rand Paul Hoax story has MSNBC and Fox News sniping at each other over who invented this “college kidnapping prank” story, who ran with it, and what about poor Shirley Sherrod? Or those New Black Panthers? man, the media makes it hard to keep all these hoaxes straight. Can’t we just get along with UFO sightings?

As rumors go, it sounded plausible, of course: Rand, then attending Baylor Uinversity was the member of a group “NoZe” that the school lost no love over, banning them from being on the campus. According to the Rand Paul hoax,

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