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Ghaddafi Soldiers On With Fewer Soldiers as Rebels Repel Counter-Attacks

You have to hand it to Ghaddafi on one thing (and one thing only, mind you): the man’s vision is not easily clouded, nor upset by, any dose of reality hitherto known. His people have moved from open protests to open warfare; his troops are deserting at a steady stream as his forces lose critical city after critical city. He’s stooped to having to hire mercenaries, to pay people to fight for him. You know… when you’re a dictator, you’re expected to have a strong posse of loyal soldiers because you are The Glorious Leader, not because you have an AMEX Platinum card. It’s like hiring a prostitute to pose as your date at a social function, it fools no one and just makes you look that much more desperate.

The International community has gone from expressing concern and urging restraint to openly calling for The Mighty Moe to get the %$%#@!!! out already. Both our President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton have said so, in no uncertain terms. In three separate operations against rebels today, his forces accomplished nothing. In particular, the assault on Zawiyah was a pathetic failure. wow… it’s as if Glorious Leader’s troops just don’t have it in them to cut down their fellow Libyans with automatic fire. Not all of course, there remains enough loyal pilots that bombs can and will be used. And who knows what doomsday protocols Ghaddafi might have in secret reserve. After all, it’s not uncommon for a desperate abuser, terrified at losing control, to decide “if I can’t have her, no one will!” From there it’s no great steps to murder and chemical/biological weapons on a eople perceived as treasonous to a leader who has clearly lost control of more than just his country.

But the protests and rebel actions continue, and gather strength, day by day. Wow… it’s like somebody put something in the water or something.

Still our Mighty Moe soldiers on, even as his country teeters on the brink of out-and-out civil war. Lacking even the foresight of Egypt’s ex-President Mubarak, Ghaddafi still claims his people love him and will gladly die in his defense. I’m sorry man, I don’t think that’s what they’re out in the streets, willing to die for.

Have a New Year… You Could Do Worse

So by this point, no matter where you are in the New Year time-zone shuffle, you have been dragged from 2010 and launched head-first into 2011 because that’s the way the New Year rolls, my people. Even though, to every other mammal on the planet and all of the other life forms too, what has occurred is more like: the sun went down many hours ago and then it came back up again. So, in that spirit, Happy New Day! Make the best of it and/or keep your head down, or whatever mix of the two works best for you.

So how was your 2010? Mine barely sucked at all, unless you factor in all the stuff that sucked last year. In which case it was… difficult. Still, here I am, dipping my toes into 2011 which granted, is better than having gotten here toe-up. Sometimes it’s those little things

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