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Iraqi Poet Slain

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News of an Iraqi poet slain over a poem, sends a chill up the spine of every writer living in a country where

Mother’s Day Poem

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Mother’s Day was always a little odd for me, and- since my mom passed away in 1997- a little bittersweet. Ok… a lot. I was fostered at age 3 & 1/2, adopted at 6, by the woman I will always think of as Mother. Every year I’d send her a card (along with awesome gifts like soap, candles, soap, perfume, scarves soap and soap) that would read “To my Mother, who’s always been just like a Mother to me!” Also, I’d give her flowers.

Even though this poem is about my “Father’ it says so many things I’ll always treasure about her. thanks for your indulgence, my blog people. I appreciate it.