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Clinton Supports the Obama Compromise on Tax Cut Deal

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Bill Clinton supports the Obama compromise on tax-cut deal, the same week that Democrats finally show a little backbone for once. Except that, unlike the number of times they’ve rolled over for Republicans, the only show of testicular fortitude shown by Democrats in the last 4 years is aimed at their own president. Apparently, they’re only afraid of the other guys. their own man they’ll beat like a dog for their own sins.

As soon as the announcement of the compromise with House Republicans was uttered, the Democrats went hard at work, wondering how to mess this up too. Let’s be honest, ALL of us are upset that it took extending tax credits for the upper 1% of Americans to get unemployment benefits extended for much of the other 99%. But politics, like sausage making they say, is best approached by admiring the finished product, not the process.

I agree that it’s atrocious to think of the billions that will be lost by letting the rich hand things off to their spoiled kids without paying fair taxes on them. Think of the millions and, over years, billions that could go towards paying down the deficit. And that Republicans held hostage the benefits by which millions and millions of Americans feed themselves and their families

President Obama’s Religion

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Well, critics asking stupid questions about President Obama’s religion

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