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Shanna Moakler

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Apparently Shanna Moakler is like a ninja-Wonder Woman-beauty queen-teller of truth all in one. The woman who has focused the tri-career laserbeams of Beauty Queendom, Playboy Playmatehood and Reality TV Stardom (remember her and her Blink 182 husband Travis Barker and their show?) has appeared twice in the news-feeds today, no doubt doing right and righting wrongs, and to some extent that is true.

Check our first Shanna Moakler news item. Apparently, she had some words for Carrie Prejean, the former Miss USA and solo-sex tape star. Not about all that, but about the daft remarks Carrie omnce said about being against Gay Marriage. But Shanna Moakler, in congratulating Carrie on her nuptials asked how she felt doing that while so many people in America cannot. I have no idea if the message got through, but there you go. At least Shanna Moakler tried. It was a good cause.

As opposed to out other bit of Shanna Moakler news which involves her participation in some Reality TV contest Minute to Win It, in which beauty queens fight (in so many words… do challenges, sorry) like this one: lie on your back and throw a tantrum. You have to love this kind of educational material being out there for the women of tomorrow, who are still the young girls watching this crap. Shanna Moakler, you couldn’t do better? What? The winner gets $1 million dollars towards their fave charity? Shanna Moakler, if you win and give the money to proponents of Gasy Marriage nationwide, I’ll change my mind, I promise.

Oscar Nunez

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Oscar Nunez is taking heat for the “racially charged” question he asked Miss USA 2010 Contestant (later, Winner) Rima Fakih, when he asked her what she thought about the Arizona Law, requiring people to prove Immigration Status, if asked for by Police.

Those among us who have few enough brain cells to have named them all personally, claim he was trying “to sink her” with the question. Yeah, who is he to bring a relevant and timely social question to a contest where women wear bathing suits while denying stripper pasts?

The site MNDC Breaking News, which smells more than a little bit like pure crank, dared to ask the question that’s on the lips of every Tea Bag Party member who can’t form complicated words or concepts: “Did Oscar Nunez try to sink Miss OK. (actually, I thought it was Miss Michigan, but go on…) with his racialy [sic] charged political question? What do you think? DEFINATELY[sic]!”

I’m curious, is Webster’s Dictionary thought to be a Muslim book by these people?

The Voice of the Whitebread goes on to say: “The Latino Nunez Was upset bout Arizona law. He knew what her answer was gonna be used a politicaly racialy charged question knowing it would hurt miss Oklahoma. He saw someone white, already was upset & would rather a Muslim be miss USA. What is this country coming to? A Muslim miss America? a radical socialist Marxist Muslim president?”

Sing it, MNDC Breaking News, sing it! “Palin, Palin uber alles!” (Note that I stopped putting the notation “[sic]” in to indicate where I was quoting the spelling/sentence structure of the site directly. It would’ve taken far too long to put them all in.)

Since it wouldn’t be conspiracy talk if it didn’t start pulling together nefarious threads, MDNC continues spewing, “Pelosi encourages usa to quit your job because you have health insurance now. That

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