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Bernie Madroff’s Son Commits Suicide

Mark Madroff is dead, and by his own hand. What’s more, Bernie Madroff’s son commits suicide with his two year-old sleeping in the next room, on the second anniversary of his father’s famous arrest. How many more scoops of tragedy need to be served up here?

Many are the financial victims of Bernie Madroff investment scam that ran into multiple billions of dollars. Whole charities fell because their endowments were invested in Madroff’s pyramid scheme that promised, and delivered (on paper at least) absurdly high returns.

While Mark Madroff, who was the one who alerted authorities to his father’s fraud scheme, has never been charged in connection with any of his father’s, or other conspirators’ activities. However, he was named in multiple. pending lawsuits. That pressure, combined with continuing investigations, never mind what must be a hellish family dynamic by now, finally proved to much for the eldest Madroff son and, with his two year-old son asleep one room over, Mark Madroff hung himself in his SoHo living room.

He was found by his father-in-law who came to check on the two after Mark Madroff’s wife got a confusing and troubling email, while on vacation with their other child. While Mark Madroff used a dog-leash to hang himself, the dog was unharmed.

Bernie Madroff’s son commits suicide and another death-knell of tragedy and loss is lain at the feet of Bernie Madroff, the man with the singular honor as the perpetrator of the greatest financial fraud in history, estimated at over $20 billion dollars.