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24 Finale

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Lost (heh heh) among all the shows wrapping up, not just the season, but their whole circus, is the 24 Finale

Entertainment Weekly

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Entertainment Weekly, that heady tome of all things new, hip, popular and/or excellent in modern media culture. Whether it is movies, stage shows, TV, books, comic books or musical releases, EW has probably written about it, or soon will.

According to this Bible of information comes this notice sure to bring smiles to the faces of all Glee fans. The immensely popular, and critic-favorite, show is being renewed for a third season. This is even more amazing when you realize the show, that seems to cross “Fame” with “Freeks and Geeks” as far as I can tell, has just wrapped their first season.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen a single episode. But it is telling that many of my friends who are not of the TV-viewing ilk, will actually change their weekly schedules so that they can be sure to catch the show. If you knew some of my friends, you’d know what a powerful statement and compliment that really is.

It’s nice to hear of a quality show making it through the reality show-infested waters of TV. Go on with your bad self, Glee. and thanks, Entertainment Weekly, for being the bearer of the the good news.

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