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lebron james mom delonte west

Filed under: Scandals,Sports — Tags: , , , , — Positronic Dave @ 3:01 pm May 17, 2010

I’d have thought the “Lebron James Mom Delonte West” would be old news by now, but it’s still a strong interweb query apparently. Somebody must need to fill some column inches and I resent that I have to be dragged along.

Ok, the short version: there’s a rumor that Delonte West is having a hush-hush romantic affair with LeBron James’ mother. Supposedly that, as much as the offer to pay for the Knicks, is why LeBron is leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Except that’s what people were talking about days ago, and nothing new has been added to the mix. I also notice my quiet plea for us all to mind our own business went unheard. Can’t say I had two scoops of very-surprised for breakfast this morning over that.

Strangely, I haven’t heard any wry versions of “Yo Mama” jokes and you’d think this was rich earth for that kind of snark to sprout. Bet you anything though, Playboy or Penthouse magazines have already tendered photo-spread offers to Gloria James, ’cause that’s how they roll on sensitive issues.

Hey, maybe all you people could talk about the many reasons LeBron going to the Knicks could e a good thing, for him and the once-great team? Anyone? Hello? Hey, “LeBrion James Mom Delonte West!!!” Yeah, now you’re listening…

LeBron James Mom Delonte West

LeBron James Mom Delonte West” runs the furiously web-searched and under-punctuated plea of the masses, so utterly true to the spirit of Basketball and its mighty warriors that they are over a rumor that may create all sorts of new jokes about “dunking the basket” or other, possibly more accurate, quips.

Oh, we love a scandal where we can be judgmental and all up in someone else’s stuff. Sure, you could ask “But what if it was Ma Blogosaurusstampede?” Well, I agree that would be pretty bad, not to mention horrifying and many kinds of illegal. See, my Ma died in 1997, so she’s officially out of the dating game. On this plane at least.

And that’s not the point, I know. The popular accusation is that Delmonte West is seriously, deeply disrespecting his teammate by allegedly having an affair with his mother. On the face of it, very hard to deny that it raises a lot of ethical questions. But who are any of us to say that our hearts (or other body parts) have never had their own ideas about what they want?

So far the only “evidence” to the story, other than the rumor itself, is a video that shows LeBron James, on national TV, yelling at his mother, and also reports that LeBron seemed to walk right past her following a game.

I’m going to make a call of “not our business” and hope that we let that mess that is the under-comma’ed LeBron James Mom Delonte West sort itself out.

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