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Vajazzle and the Cunning Linguists

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Just when fashion couldn’t get any dumber, along comes the Vajazzle craze, where fake jewels (or real, I guess, if you live that large) are glued around a woman’s freshly waxed pubic area, in an aesthetically pleasing design, one hopes. My first question (after “Why the hell would you do something that stupid?”) would be “Is this a Beauty Parlor or a Manicurist thing?”

To me, “Vajazzle” sounds like an aerobic exercise I could really get my mouth around.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Set, Sadly, to Only Play a Prostitute

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So Jennifer Love Hewitt will become a prostitute and it’s only a Lifetime made-for-TV movie, The Client List? Sigh… so close… so close and yet, still so not naked.

The actress known for her “Good girl” roles and ability to talk with ghosts has taken on the role of a regular, everyday women, who chooses to become a prostitute in order to provide for her family.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

What attracted Hewitt to the role of Samantha Horton, the Texas mother of three who becomes a prostitute by-way-of taking a job as a “massage therapist,” is the things people will do, in these difficult economic times, in order to provide for their family, and keep food on the table.

I think it’s great that Jennifer Love Hewitt is expanding the kind of roles she’s willing to play. Often undervalued as an actress, I thought she totally held her own in the 2001 film Heartbreakers, where she played a con-artist mother/daughter team with Sigourney Weaver. Also in the film were Ray Liotta, Gene Hackman (in one of his grossest roles ever) and Jason Lee. It’s a romantic comedy romp, but I was impressed with Hewitt’s acting and sad she had to wear clothes while doing it. If I’m being slightly creepy here, at least I’m being honest.

She puts a nice “Hey, in these economic times, when a women does what she needs to for her family,

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