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Proof of Alien Life?

Bacteria in Meteorites Aliens Journal of Cosmology

Dr. Richard B. Hoover claims he has proof of alien life. And he should know, being an astrobiologist and all, right? While working at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, one dark and stormy night, Dr. Hoover claims to have discovered fossilized proof aliens in a meteorite he examined.

2nd Amendment

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In a victory for Personal Liberty, the Second Amendment has been given even further coverage, extending it’s power from just the federal level, but state and local as well. In 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court said “Stop… in the name of guns! Before you break he law… Whoa-whoa…!” The most horrible thing about this decision is the idea of Judge Scalia in a red, sequined dress…. *shudder*…

This decision overturns a Chicago, Il ordinance from 1982, banning city residents from having handguns in their own homes, as well as a similar 2008 ruling forbidding Washington D.C. residents from handgun possession.

Here’s where the Liberal and the Libertarian in me come into conflict. Does the ban hurt regular, otherwise law-abiding citizens in that in denies them a simple, effective way of defending themselves, their loved ones and their homes? Certainly, it does little to prevent the “bad guys” from obtaining guns, while penalizing the everyday John and Jane Q. Citizen. On the other hand, have you met a lot of these citizens that want to celebrate their 2nd Amendment Rights by carrying semi-automatic weapons to Tea Party rallies?

This case began when four Chicago residents complained that the ban hurt their ability to defend themselves against criminals who, as I pointed out earlier, had there ability to procure guns affected not a whit by the ban. Successive court battles found in their favor and now, a scant 28 years later they got their day in the court of courts. I wonder if the idea was to wait long enough for criminals to get old and die? Or maybe just the people who filed the suit. Regardless, 28 years? Wow.

In favor of the extension of the 2nd Amendment Rights coverage were the usual suspects: Judges Antonin “I Hunt with Dick Cheney, but Not In Front of Dick Cheney” Scalia, Clarence “Can I Show You My Gun’s Long, Hard Barrel? Thomas, John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy, with Samuel “Bought and Paid For, Mr Bush II!” Alito writing the majority opinion of “You can come and get Chicagoan’s guns when you pry them from their cold, dead fingers! Go 2nd Amendment!!! Whoo-hooo! Show us yer tits!!!”

Retiring Judge John Paul Stevens wrote the dissenting opinion of “I’m too old for this 2nd Amendment &#@&%$#!!!!!”