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Giant Oil Skimmer to Clean Gulf of Mexico?

Filed under: Breaking News,Disasters,Environment — Tags: , , , — Positronic Dave @ 3:58 am July 4, 2010

I heard the news that a giant oil skimmer, called A Whale by its Taiwanese builders, is to help in the clean-up of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill that was caused, not just by a deep-sea oil rig that exploded, killing 11 men, back in April, but also the lame giant British Petroleum, whose greed and miserly ambitions combined to cause the largest eco-disaster in US History (Thanks Tony Heyward, how’s the sailing?) and the news makes me want to hope, foolishly, that something might get better down there.

" A Whale" a newly tooled supertankers is longer then three world cup soccer fields and as high as a ten story buildiing pictured in the Gulf of Mexic

Certainly it has already sprung into action, since the whole effort has been slowed to a standstill for worries of rough seas due to Tropical Storm/Might Be a Hurricane Alex, right? Uhm… no. They are waiting until tomorrow to “test out” the giant oil skimmer, so that the EPA can sign-off on its use, due to the fact that tiny traces of oil do remain after the ship has processed crude oil from sea water. Can I just say that we don’t have time for filing papers? The situation is already in Hell, and triplicate form aren’t hat we need now. We need action. Any kind of action.

The giant oils skimmer, which when I say giant, I mean it is 10 stories high and close to 1000 feet long, can allegedly process over 20 million gallons of oily water per day. Much like a whale, it takes in the water through a dozen vents and filters oil from water before returning the water to the sea. Like a whale, we should get out of the %^&%$#$ way and let the giant oil skimmer do what it does best: taking oil out of the goddamned water.

Which, oddly enough, is also the sentiments of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. I guess eco-disasters make odd bed-fellows and all that. The common opinion is use it to keep the oil from reaching the endangered wetlands and other coastal areas, but again

Should We Boycott BP Stations?

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Should we boycott BP Stations? In the wake of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster, the unimaginable delay in admitting how bad it was, coupled with the arrogance of British Petroleum executives, it is very understandable why there is a ground-swell of anger against the oil company, and a desire to send a message somehow. But should that be expressed through a grass-roots boycott?

When you see a BP Station, you’re not actually looking at an appendage of the oil giant. You’re more likely looking at a franchise, owned and operated by a local businessman who just wants to make his money, take care of his family and get by in life. Should his business be ruined because of what BP executives, who make vastly more money, have done?

Many drivers in South Florida have been boycotting the BP stations for weeks now, which only punishes the local, independent owners. BP doesn’t actually own or operate stations in the United States. I just sells them the gasoline.

One could make the argument that these stations should change names, buy from other dealers, etc., but without any knowledge of whether or not that can be done quickly or legally. In the mean time, the employees are being hurt with layoffs, the suppliers of other products (food, beverage, etc.) are being hurt because of decreased sales

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