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Restoring Honor Rally Today (If You Hadn’t Heard Enough About It Already…)

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Besides the unbelievable coincidence that Glenn Beck’s 828 Restoring Honor Rally just happens to fall on the same day and same location as Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech, Glenn Beck would like to remind us all that the Restoring Honor rally is NOT a political event. It’s a Glenn Beck rally… there’s a difference. Just go to and Glenn can explain it to you.

Of course, the Glen Beck rally is staffed by Tea Baggers, and features speakers Sarah Palin and Alveda King, the niece of MLK yes, but also a conservative activist known for her dislike of Gay people. On one hand, Glenn is urging people to leave their political sign and t-shirts at home. This isn’t political. He even tells people coming to the Restoring Honor rally to leave their “Right to bear arms” firearms at home, this time. (Glenn, you have to ask your disgruntled white and under-educated followers to come unarmed? Hmmm….)

More over, Glenn Beck ominously tells us all that we “don’t want to miss this event” and that those who do “will regret it for the rest of their lives.” Well sure

Glenn Beck Rally Causing Controversy… Who Knew?

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The Glenn Beck rally “Restoring Honor,” scheduled for this weekend has some feathers ruffled on both sides of the media farm, with Beck accusing the media of doing unfair stories about the rally, and the media basically accusing him of being Glenn Beck. Of which he is guilty, no doubt.

The controversy comes, not just in whether this is, or is not, a political rally. Glenn Beck says: “No it isn’t.” Anyone with a Brain retorts: “Yes it is. You have Sarah Palin speaking and you scheduled it for the exact date that Martin Luther King gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, and you’re doing it right on the Lincoln Memorial, and you invited one of his nieces (the one that hates Gays) to speak.”

Now, in a truly pathetic turn of events, Glenn Beck is claiming that the media is treating the Glenn Beck rally unfairly; that they’re showing edited video and audio footage in a way that makes Glenn Beck and the rally look bad. Wow… hit by one of your own torpedoes or what Glenn? Next thing you know, Rush Limbaugh will… oh who the f*** cares what Limbaugh does. Back to Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck claims that his quote “Blacks don’t own Martin Luther King” was edited. that he also said “and White People don’t own Abraham Lincoln.” Can I point out the irony of Beck using the term “owning” in regards to A.) a black man fighting for civil rights and B.) the President who won the war to end slavery? I just wanted to point that out.

Well, I’m awful broke-up about anything making the Glenn Beck rally look bad, truly. But this is what many non-white people call Karma, Glenn. Does the name Shirley Sherrod ring a bell? Granted, that was Andrew Breitbart, but you guys must know each other from the Rush Limbaugh franchise of the Josef Gobbels Public Speaking Academy. An you, yourself, have used this trick many times before. See, here’s the problem, as I see it: for the Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” rally to work, you would have had to have some honor, at some point in your life, and kept it until now, as well.

Suposedly, the Glenn Beck rally is to honor the veterans and/or their surviving familes of Special Forces troops. Here, Beck has a point. If what you’re involved in is a “covert mission” it makes it hard to establish veteran status as well as qualify for medical benefits. Just ask the veterans of the Korean Wa-, uh, I mean the “Korean Police Action.”

But as for this weekend’s festivities being “non-political”… for Christ’s sake, Glenn stop lying for a moment, will you? You didn’t invite veterans to tell their stories, you booked Sarah Palin. You didn’t involve veterans groups to help run things, you left volunteer and “logistical” concerns to Tea Party People. You felt it necessary to urge attendees to “leave their guns at home.” Good thing… we wouldn’t want this weekend’s Glenn Beck rally to get… political.

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