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The Blaze

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Glenn Beck

Huh… I guess the announcement of The Blaze, means that Glenn Beck got all that love and niceyness stuff out of his system at last weekend’s Restoring Honor rally, and is ready to get all mean and stupid again. Oh joy…

But some of the promo comments about The Blaze, and why Glenn Beck is pouring his millions into it, are ripe for some comedy that just writes itself.

The Blaze will be a show combining news stories, videos, opinion pieces and commentary. In other words, nothing like the Glenn Beck show or Fox News in general. Hired on as editor is Scott Baker , who used to work with Andrew “Got You Shirley Sherrod!!!” Breitbart.


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Sarah Palin, always good for a laugh, is not trying to “refudiate” [sic] e.e.cummings by her attempt to worm her way way into the English language… just so you all know. The truly scary woman who also refusing to go away. And who could blame her? With a growing movement of Tea Party People who hang on her every utterance, she must feel that at least some people think she’s marvy and smart and junk. Of course the rest of us don’t have to think she’s an idiot and opportunistic political thug, her mouth keeps doing that for us.

Speaking about plans to build a mosque and Islamic Community Center near the site of the 9/11 attacks, she has asked every New Yorker and (in her mind) the small amount of Muslims that are seeking peace to “refudiate” the plans. When it was later pointed out that “refudiate” isn’t a word, she got all testy and defensive and invoked Bush’s “misunderestimate” (also not a word) and even Obama’s “wee-wee’d up” (while that is an acceptable use of the word(s) it just sounds wimpy and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense either, one you break it down.

Maybe Sarah would’ve tweeted more accurately, but she was using the hand that she usually writes her notes on? Hard to tell… maybe the Neo-Con sweat made the “p” in “repudiate” look like “refudiate”? maybe Sarah thinks dictionaries are for Liberals, who knows?

And, faced with the stinging light of public criticism, Palin scurried to the warm arms of Fox News, of course, where she further defended her use of a “newly-minted word” (even comparing herself to… oh this is rich… Shakespeare) rather than just admit she made a mistake. Though in repeating her previous statement about opposing anything Muslim, whatever the reason, she erred on the side of actual words, like “reject.” and didn’t try to “refudiate” anything.

Odd that she’d use that word, while talking to Sean Hannity… actually, no it’s not. And usually, the longer Sarah Palin keeps talking, the more she is revealed as an idiot and political hack that, unable to face the pressures of a governor’s job, somehow believes that qualifies her to be President some day.

To quote Bill the Bard, Sarah… how would we refudiate that? Let us count the ways…

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