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Have a New Year… You Could Do Worse

So by this point, no matter where you are in the New Year time-zone shuffle, you have been dragged from 2010 and launched head-first into 2011 because that’s the way the New Year rolls, my people. Even though, to every other mammal on the planet and all of the other life forms too, what has occurred is more like: the sun went down many hours ago and then it came back up again. So, in that spirit, Happy New Day! Make the best of it and/or keep your head down, or whatever mix of the two works best for you.

So how was your 2010? Mine barely sucked at all, unless you factor in all the stuff that sucked last year. In which case it was… difficult. Still, here I am, dipping my toes into 2011 which granted, is better than having gotten here toe-up. Sometimes it’s those little things

Soldiers Mixed on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Repeal

Filed under: Controversy,Gay/lesbian News,Military — Tags: , , , , — Positronic Dave @ 1:42 am December 21, 2010

… and when I say that soldiers are mixed on “Don’t Ask, Don;t Tell” repeal, what I mean is 80% don’t care, 15% have concerns on a policy change this big in the middle of fighting two wars (especially in countries where homosexuality is illegal and punished) and the other 5% are split between homophobes who are sure that they are completely irresistible to gay men or women, and those who need to know if these pants go with that armored personal carrier.

I’m kidding. Of course those pants go with that APC. Everything is olive drab, how can it not go together?

In the wake of the historic vote to repeal DADT, not to mention the military studies that went into the research and fact-gathering before-hand, there is still some concern over how the new policy will be implemented and its effect

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