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Izod would like to take credit for Dario Franchitti’s Indy 500 win, since they, you know, sponsor the race. i don’t blame them. If I made crappy shirts with little alligators on them, I’d want to be associated with something else, too.

My mother bought me an Izod shirt, actually two of the depressing made-for-Wellesley, MA. shirts. I remember they came in an off-white shade, much like the color of a dream bled dry of all hope. Back in those days “preppie” was a dirty word, and this shirt attracted abuse like sharks to chum.

So, in a high-school fit o’ pique, I cut the alligator off one shirt and, all punk rock-like, I safety-pinned it atop the other alligator in a position that suggested that they loved each other and wanted baby ‘gators, all within the confines of a Christian Marriage, of course.

I was sent home to change my shirt. Take that, Izod.

Dario Franchitti

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Dario Franchitti, responsible for some of Italy’s more horrible, gorey zombie films is… wait, what? That’s “Dario Argento”? Ok, then who is this Franchitti guy and why hasn’t he made a good zombie movie?

Ah… it seems Dario was busy today, winning the 94th Indy 500 race, narrowly edging Helio Castroneves out of taking a 4th win in the race. It should be noted that Castroneves has not, to our knowledge, made a zombie movie either.

Taking the winners victory drink of… milk (well, it is Indiana) and not the blood of his enemies, the milk must’ve tasted extra sweet, considering this was his second year drinking it. Franchitti had tried his hand at the

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