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Daniel Schorr, Legendary Journalist, Dies.

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Journalism lost a giant today, as Daniel Schorr, one of the longest-serving newsmen in the business passed away, at age 93. Schorr was a veteran of TV and radio, who was recruited by no less a legend as Edward R. Murrow. For six decades he reported on news around the world, nearly 25 of them for CBS’s evening news program.

This was the man who got Krushchev, leader of the Soviet Union at the time, to give his first televised interview as well as earning himself a place on President Nixon’s legendary “Enemies List,” right along side John Lennon. Schorr placed at #17.

Like Lennon, Daniel Schorr had the ability to get to the truth even if he had to go under the skin of politicians and leaders to do so. His ability to get at the heart of a story made him as much surgeon and reporter.

Daniel Schorr was unafraid to take on power, whether that was with politicians, government agencies, or even his own bosses. He left CBS after a dust-up over a report on activities by the CIa that were at very least suspicious, and possibly criminal. he worked for a while for CNN and later for NPR.

In this day of fake news and reprehensible propaganda merchants like Sean Hannity or Andrew Breitbart, people like Daniel Schorr are almost a lost tribe of actual journalists. Serving no master but the truth and the story, they sucked up to no corporate or political teat. No one owned Daniel Schorr’s sould but himself, the Truth, and maybe God, depending on what Daniel Schorr believed in. Journalism is poorer for his loss.

Larry King Leaves TV

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Larry King plans to leave the Larry King Live show, the CNN interview program that he has helmed since roughly the Pleistocene Era. I belive his first interview was with the inventor of fire and if he really thought it was such a big deal, much less that it would ever hope to catch on. This was around the same time that Larry King committed to the first of his 87,000 marriages.

The interview giant, who’s never met a softball-question he didn’t like if going to be stepping down to spend more time with his family, which

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