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Sombrero is the famous Mexican hat, ubiqutous in everything from El Paso products to every single cartoon you’ve ever seen that has Mexican in it.

Margarita Recipes

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Margarita recipes have never been too much of a concern in a country in which you can buy them frozen, pre-made. It can be argued that margaritas are healthier than Corona beer. Don’t ask me how, it just can be. For one, I’m pretty sure Tequila is a vitamin or something. Here’s a quick and easy recipe:

Strawberry Margarita

4 oz tequila (You can go Jose Cuervo, but I’d suggest Hornitos…)

4 oz. Strawberry margarita mix (if you’re lazy)

Splash of lime juice

Crushed Ice

Mix up the tequila, margarita mix, lime juice, ice, and blend until its has the consistency of a smoothie. Trick yourself that the Strawberry mix has vitamin C, and the copious amount of tequila (only 4oz.? Have you no love for Mexican Culture)

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