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Burning Man Deluxe Vacation Packages

Filed under: Crazy News,Culture,Events,festivals,Life & How to Live It — Tags: , , — Positronic Dave @ 4:12 pm August 21, 2010

Burning Man Festival

I doubt when The Burning Man Festival was started in 1986 that the organizers would ever have expected the words “deluxe vacation packages” tacked on at the end of it. But apparently, one needn’t eschew the various high-end tech options of life when one attends a gathering that celebrates a new kind of community, far off the regular beaten grid. Next, it’ll be just a virtual Burning Man on a giant holo-screen. I mean, they don’t even stuff the thing with human sacrifices like in the old days, so don’t go looking for accuracy and consistency here anymore.

Well, according to Joe Laing of El Monte RV, what better way to enjoy the alterna-cultural awesomeness that is the Burning Man Festival than to be inside a luxury RV with AC, flat-screen TV, a fully stocked kitchen and nicely chilled beverages? Come to think of it, that’s not a bad way to deal with being in the Nevada desert. certainly beats a tent.

When Burning Man started, it was supposed to be something cut away from the regular, tribeless existence of the soul-crushing modern world, so of course it’s gotten so big that the original vision seems a bit crushed underfoot by the estimated 50,000 attendees, the same way driving RVs into the desert stomps some surprisingly delicate eco-systems underfoot. Just putting it out there for thought…

So, if a $15,000 rental is within your Burning Man budget, El Monte Rv will pick you up at the airport and rive you the 120+ miles out into some of the harshest desert America has, so you can undress and paint yourself with colorful mud, but still be able to catch some late night cable in pleasant 70 degree sleeping space.

The lesser of the big rollers can pick up smaller RV’s and motor homes, and El Monte will even greet you at the door with a Elvis Impersonator, just to sweeten the deal. Nothing says “Burning Man” like a work-for-hire Elvis.