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Obama Admits Errors

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In a departure from any President we’ve seen since Carter, Obama admits errors in the handling of the BP Oil Spill scandal. I have to say, I’m surprised this story didn’t come with related news of a wave of stunned faces and possibly heart-attacks, from the assembled press and government employees present.

Obama said “I was wrong.”

Speaking at a news conference quite unlike the Joe Sestak story, Obama sought to show the government is not ceasing in its efforts to deal with the greatest eco-disaster in recent history. Then he took responsibility for his administration not moving on fast enough on reform regulations, for not pushing BP earlier for information on the true size and scope of the spill, and that he was wrong to trust that oil companies were at all prepared for a spill of this size.

I know Conservatives are all over this, trying to rename the incident as “Obama’s Katrina.” Funny- I don’t remember pictures of Obama playing guitar at a birthday party while New Orleans residents were dying.

Graham and Reilly

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President Obama has picked the team of

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