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Obama to Kick Ass

Filed under: Breaking News,Disasters,Politics — Tags: , , , — Positronic Dave @ 5:00 pm June 8, 2010

Oh, how I’ve wanted to write a title line like “Obama to Kick Ass” for some time now. Understand I am not a huge fan, let alone an apologist for the man, but I also can see a concerted effort on the part of fundamentalist conservative bigots to just entrench and oppose him, because he is him, and no other reason. On the other hand President Obama has that same “smartest man in the room, who won’t lower himself to the base tactics of the enemy” syndrome that’s doomed every Democrat from Kerry to Dukakis, Carter, etc.

Well now Obama plans to find out who’s ass he should kick over the BP oil spill disaster. Ok, I have to admit this is a good time for that. A month ago would have been much better, but yay for him.

He walked tall on his “Today Show” interview, saying that, if BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward worked for him, he would have bitch-slapped and fired him, given the slow and inept response BP showed to the spill, now nearly two months running. Slow in response is the case that you gave him, Mr. President? Umm…. I hate to point this out, but…

You said your slow response was a “wait and see if BP really was on top of it and not lying to you” plan? THEY ARE AN OIL COMPANY. LYING IS WHAT THEY DO. Sorry, I get carried away…

We knew, almost two months ago that cheap, profit-over-safety policies, as well as corporate arrogance, caused the disaster that killed 11 workers and has resulted in the greatest eco-disaster in U.S. history.

I wanted to write the title-line “Obama to Kick Ass” almost two months ago.

BP Spill Affects Obama

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That the BP spill affects Obama is an understatement at this point. There is growing frustration, never good in a year with mid-term elections, that the Obama administration moved too slow on recognizing the crisis for what it was, and too slow to demand that British Petroleum

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