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Lake Placid 3… Do We Really Need to Talk About This?

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I’m a dork. I was totally caught unawares, until I saw promo for Lake Placid 3, that there had even been a Lake Placid 2. I mean, obviously, yeah I know. But talk about direct to obscure video/cable hell. It’s a shame, because the first movie was so good, so well done, that I truly I cringe to think of what’s become of the “franchise” just as I cringe at the need to use the word “franchise.” Seems you can’t just make a good monster movie anymore without some producer getting “II” and “III” blinking like stars in their eyes. And maybe it’s a way to recoup the money spent on special effects. You know, use that same croco-animatronic-odiles again and again.

Lake Placid 3 seems to have all the same ingredients, the same pacing as the first film, plus nearly nekkid teens, for that extra-special direct-to-video touch.

Mark Bish

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In news no one needs to know, it was Mark Bish, son of the Golden Girls actress Rue McClanahan, that made the decision to take Rue off of life-support

The end for McClanahan began back in November, after a stress test showed she would require bypass surgery. While in recovery, Rue suffered a massive stroke. She was brought home, and therapy seemed to be working, with her recovering motor and language functions. even ex-“Golden Girls” co-star Betty white said she sounded like she would recover fine.

Sadly, on June 2nd, she suffered a brain aneurysm, and was rushed to the hospital.

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