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Sarah Palin, or, “How to Lower the Quality of Dialogue One Stupid Comment at a Time”

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It’s a sad, sad world where Sara Palin is still sucking on the teat of public attention, and getting fed. Why anyone takes this “Peggy Hill on Steroids” seriously is the deepest mark of shame on what passes for public intelligence since Dan Quayle was a Vice-President.

While she’s not sympathizing with British Petroleum, she’s chanting “Drill Baby, Drill” even after the Gulf of Mexico disaster was in all the papers. When she isn’t supporting the Tea Party’s brand of “Shout First, Don’t Even Bother to Think Later” poilitical discourse, she’s supporting the truly batsh*t crazy fringe elements like Michele Bachmann and Rand Paul. And now Sarah Palin is testifying on her love of Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer and her “Kristallnacht” solution for the Hispanics in her state, legal or not.

ALIPAC to Open Doors for Illegal Immigrants (as Long as it’s Marked “Exit”)

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ALIPAC, or the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC want the federal government to assure safe and legal exits for illegal immigrants who are trying to leave Arizona for their home countries. Thousands of illegal immigrants are leaving Arizona, some for homelands, others into neighboring states, because of the imminent implementation of the controversial SB-1070 Law, set to go into effect unless the Obama administration can get a judge to file an injunction stopping it.

ALIPAC just says they want the illegals to leave, but wants them to be able to leave safely, and not pay Coyotes, or illegal human smugglers, for passage home nor risk crossing desert areas on foot.

All this sounds great. All this sounds like a smokescreen.

I’m guessing ALIPAC just wants them all gone, the whole thing done nice and proper and by the books. The lucky ones will leave now, while they have the chance. Sounds like a program that one European country implemented in the mid 1930s, before really toughening their border standards.

Right now, if an illegal is caught, or turns themselves in they already get safe, managed passage home. What does ALIPAC thinks this does? Paints a humanitarian face on a xenophobic law? And please ALIPAC, spare me the reasoning that polls show the majority of Arizona residents support the bill. The majority in some areas of the country were still in favor of lynchings until the 1960s… didn;t make that right either.

I worry for this country. Now we have groups like the Tea Party more interested in screwing up other’s works than in debating real politics, that is to say, the politics of reality. We have unbelievable mouth pieces like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck accorded news analyst status when they’re just reading from Josef Gobbels’ handbook on propaganda: the bigger the lie, the more you repeat it, the more it becomes true.

We have Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann taken seriously as political personalities. God sakes, people listen to Rand Paul like he didn’t have the NeoCon hand up his rear, making him talk like a real human.

I worry for this country when ALIPAC wants the borders run on time. They tried that in Europe. Didn;t do well.