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Survivor Nicaragua… Pro or Contra?

Filed under: "Who Cares?" News,Reality TV — Tags: , , , — Positronic Dave @ 9:19 pm September 15, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua just proves to me that the Survivor 2010 version of the franchise is bone-dry, sperm-less and utterly devoid of intestinal fortitude pr creativity. If they really wanted to be all about “survival under adverse conditions” then we’d have Survivor- Mexican Drug War or Survivor- Cannibal Island, and not just another bungle in the jungle. How about Survivor- Great White Shark Farm?

Los Angeles Times Mobile NewsOne of the stand-outs of the Survivor- Nicaragua cast is one ex-NFL coach Jimmy Johnson. Blocked from being Survivor years ago, Johnson had heart surgery, lost weight, got healthy, had a laser-eye implanted in his skull. In other words… he was ready for a comeback on Survivor Nicaragua… for the first time. A breakout… whatever.

But coaching for the Dallas Cowboys in consecutive Super Bowl Championship seasons hardly prepares him for the back-stabbing, individual video segments Hell that is Survivor Nicaragua land. That nice head of hair isn;’t going to be an asset here, pal.

But damn, if he didn’t act the Coach when he addressed his team. He told them he wasn’t going to win, but one of them would. He just wanted in on the fun of the ride. Then he made them do 100 laps and 476 sit ups.

He’s either a coach at heart or one Machiavellian mofo who just got all Sun-Tzu up in the face of his adversaries… uhm.. I mean, team. At 67 year old, I feel this man best represents something I tell younger people all the time… “Age and Treachery beats Youth and Enthusiasm… every time.” Survivor Nicaragua, my ass… This is Survivor Real Life on an SSDI Income. Represent!