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Someone Has Paris Hilton’s Absinthe Cake… and Ate It, Too.

Man, that title would’ve been funnier if I’d written “Someone Can Haz Paris Hilton’s Absinthe Cake… and Eat It Too!” Oh well. Still, will this poor little rich girl’s problems never cease? Hope not… they make for mildly amusing and highly ironic lite reading. The spelling of “lite” there was intentional.

So, the Princess of Nothing was having a quiet little 30th birthday party with a host of friend and a few hundred barnacle-people. You know, a tiny little under-$1,o00,000 soiree which featured a cake made chiefly of Absinthe, flour, sugar, absinthe, vanilla, absinthe and sugar, made by those bakers to the stars, Lucid. Which is to say, Lucid is the company that makes and markets the absinthe. Who cares f***-all for the cake it came in?

Well, not Paris or her guests. The cake in question was “stolen” when one of the guests learned that the untouched confection-with-a-kick would likely be thrown away. So let’s get this straight… a cake that was going to be thrown out, was somehow stolen. Sigh… I used to work for a well-known national chain of faux-French bakeries. The particular store was located in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA.