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Sarah Palin, or, “How to Lower the Quality of Dialogue One Stupid Comment at a Time”

Filed under: Celebrities,Idiots,Politics — Tags: , , , — Positronic Dave @ 3:33 am August 2, 2010

It’s a sad, sad world where Sara Palin is still sucking on the teat of public attention, and getting fed. Why anyone takes this “Peggy Hill on Steroids” seriously is the deepest mark of shame on what passes for public intelligence since Dan Quayle was a Vice-President.

While she’s not sympathizing with British Petroleum, she’s chanting “Drill Baby, Drill” even after the Gulf of Mexico disaster was in all the papers. When she isn’t supporting the Tea Party’s brand of “Shout First, Don’t Even Bother to Think Later” poilitical discourse, she’s supporting the truly batsh*t crazy fringe elements like Michele Bachmann and Rand Paul. And now Sarah Palin is testifying on her love of Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer and her “Kristallnacht” solution for the Hispanics in her state, legal or not.