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Rob Dibble Fired

Filed under: "Who Cares?" News,Controversy,Idiots,Radio,Sports — Tags: , — Positronic Dave @ 7:23 pm September 2, 2010

Rob Dibble

News of the specific comments that got Rob Dibble fired fill me with the oddest emotion I’ve ever had when addressing an issue regarding a loud, obnoxious sports-radio mouthpiece… I actually feel bad for him. Go figure, right?

Rob Dibble who is, I mean, was what is described as a “color analyst” (whatever that is… can someone tell me?) for the Washington Nationals who has somewhat of a reputation for being a “bad boy” who will just say whatever wacky, usually-offensive, wild comment that runs straight from his mind to his mouth without coming anywhere near his brain’s critical judgement center on the way. A former ESPN radio commentator (gee, I wonder why he’s a “former”…) Rob Dibble was already suspended for some stupid comments he made about some women on last week’s broadcast.

This time though, it was his unsympathetic, Drill-Sargent rant against Washington Nationals’ pitcher Stephen Strasburg was apparently the straw to the Washington Nationals managements camel of patience. Mocking him at the time as a little cry-baby because his arm hurt, Rob Dibble looked quite the ass when it was announced that Strasburg had suffered a torn ligament in his elbow, something quite a bit more severe than a “boo-boo.”