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Real Estate Suffers… Join the Club

Filed under: "Who Cares?" News,Economy,Real Estate — Tags: , — Positronic Dave @ 11:03 pm September 17, 2010

News that the wealthy are being hit hard in the Real Estate values has me crying tears that would make even a crocidile say, “Oh b**ch, please!”

It seems those trying to unload real estate in the Hamptons, for instance lost 20 cents on the dollar, as smart (and equally wealthy) shoppers went looking for the kind of bargain homes that come with electric sinks, a Sock and Underwear Butler and Gold-plated lawns.

Don’t cry for me, Long Island…

And with the real estate market adjusted just a little closer to reality, these bargain shopping days should be available well into the new year. So, even the rich people had to settle for what ever they could get.