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Randall Cunningham’s Son Dies

Filed under: Celebrities,Deaths — Tags: , , — Positronic Dave @ 2:42 pm June 30, 2010

In tragic news, former College and NFL Football star Randall Cunningham‘s son has died in what appears to be an accidental drowning. The young child was found by a woman at the Cunngham residence floating and unresponsive, in Randall Cunningham’s hot tub, located in the backyard of his Las Vegas home. The woman attempted CPR, until paramedics arrived to rush the boy to St.Rose Dominican hospital. Doctors did everything possible, but the boy, aged 2 1/2, was declared dead.

Randall Cunningham, a former star at UNNV as well as player for the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings, has since become a pastor and often performs the Rite of Baptism in the hot tub at his home. It’s not known whether such a service was being performed at the time, or whether the child somehow found access to the hot tub. Detectives investigating for any possible abuse and/or neglect have determined the death to be accidental.

Talk about cold comfort to a parent.

Everybody knows not to let small toddlers run around unsupervised, and to have pools, hot tubes, ponds, even bathrooms etc., guarded or fenced-off. It takes a second of inattention for the worst nightmare of a parent to be realized. Kids can drown in but a few inches of water in a bathtub or bucket. I also, from experience, know that toddlers are creatures of curiosity and quest and