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Pentagon Health Plan Denies Brain-Injury Therapy to Veterans

There is nothing more disgusting than to stand behind sending our troops into harm’s way, then abandoning them. News that the Pentagon Health Plan denies brain-injury therapy to veterans is an atrocious stain on this nation. And behind the denial? You guessed it: an HMO.

Tricare is a health plan that covers over 4 million troops, both active and retired. And it has decreed that there is no real scientific basis to Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy, and therefore, will not be covering that treatment, even for the great number of military personnel coming home with traumatic brain injuries.

The only problem is, everybody else says CRT does work, and is one of the best ways of treating brain injuries. Basically, therapists work to re-teach basic skills, such as cooking or shopping, memory and simple math. It teaches the brain to learn again. But despite testimony from experts, military and civilian, plus a review done by the pentagon itself, Tricare refuses to cover the therapy due to the estimated cost of up to $50k per soldier.

So, what we are saying is, and by “we” I mean our government, we will spend billions and trillions sending troops into military actions, but if you get hurt, especially in the head, best of luck to you, we’re are out-y.

This is disgusting beyond words. And despite pressure from Congress, Tricare stands firm in its decision to count beans and treat injured soldiers with callus disrespect. CRT has been proven to work for years. It isn’t about the therapy, is it Tricare? It’s about the money. It’s always about the money.

I urge you to contact your congressmen and senators. Tell them this is not how we treat those who have served with honor and distinction in our armed forces. This Rumsfeldian disregard, this “Well, you’ll have to make due with the therapy available to you, brain-boy!” is an unbelievable and cannot, must not, stand.

The Pentagon health plan denies brain-injury therapy to veterans and active-service soldiers? It seems Tricare has some brain damage of its own.