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North Korean Threats

Filed under: Breaking News,International News — Tags: , , , , — Positronic Dave @ 7:37 pm May 25, 2010

You can almost set your watch by North Korea threats; anytime it happens it must be half-past sanity and a quarter-to-diplomacy.

Described in this blog more than once as a yappy dog at the end of a vaguely Chinese leash, North Korea (which for perspective’s sake is about half the size of Michigan) loves to strut in the face of countries so much larger that it make the whole thing a little pathetic.

Born on the backs of the latest crisis, the sink of the S. Korean vessel, Cheonan by a North Korean submarine, North Korea has “severed all ties with South Korea”… y’know, as if they had been all open to diplomacy up to now. In response South Korea has “re-designated the North as an arch-enemy.”

North Korea has said the current state of tensions will remain in place so as South Korean President Lee Myung-bak remained in office. North Korea also aid it was expelling all officials (but not the workers) from the joint North-South industrial venture in the city of Kaesong, in North Korea. I mean, hey