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North Korea Accusation

Filed under: Follow-Up Stories,International News,Politics,World — Tags: , , — Positronic Dave @ 12:26 am May 29, 2010

If it weren’t so sad, the North Korea accusation that South Korea faked the sinking of one of its own ships, would be kind of funny. (Bear with me, I’m imagining North Korean pint-sized despot Kim Jong Il in a “Joe Isuzu” sort of riff… or maybe John Lovitz’s pathological liar…”)

“Yeah! South Korea sank their own ship, yeah! Then they sunk a whole lot of their ships! And we weren’t even around that day! Yeah, that’s the ticket! We took the whole country of North Korea for a boatride… to the Moon!”

So, while North Korea postures and threatens war with its estranged southern half, South Korea has detected no mobilizations or mass-deployments, either on land or at sea.