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Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Liu Xiobo

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Liu Xiobo did a total no-show at the awards ceremony! Can believe that??? Legendary ingrate Liu Xiaobo couldn’t even be bothered to travel the few thousand miles from China to Oslo, Norway to receive the prestigious honor! And you know what his lame excuse was? “Oh, I’m soooo sorrrrrry, but I happened to be tied-up at the moment with being imprisoned in my home country China, for speaking my mind and advocating political change. Can’t be bothered to show in Oslo! TTFN!”

(The above was brought to you by Satire… “Satire” Good for the soul, like a spoonful of vinegar in the morning!”)

The reason Liu Xiaobo is enjoying the hospitality of the Chinese prison system for the next decade, is that he dared suggest there could be more than one political party in his country; that his fellow citizens should have a significant, real choice in determining who the leaders of the country might be. The Chinese Communist Party takes a rather dim view of that sort of idea, as evidenced by a little tank-and-gunfire party they threw back in June of 1989 in Tiananmen Square. So last December, the Chinese government sentence Xiaobo to 11 years in prison, and sentenced his wife to house arrest as well. Learn a little more about him in this video:

As a total aside, the idea of having more than one political party from which to choose is an idea I’d love to see catch on in this country. In the mean time, we can at least enjoy the fact that, in the US,