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Money Magazine Best Places to Live

Filed under: Fun Facts,Life & How to Live It,Marketing,National,Real Estate — Tags: , — Positronic Dave @ 4:35 pm July 12, 2010

The “Money Magazine Best Places to Live 2010″ list is out and the winner is not… where I live. Oh poop. I thought this was a nice town and everything. Sigh…

Everyone on the internet is trumpeting the fact that their city or town made the Top 100 list, with places like Franklin, Tennessee; Columbia, Maryland; West Chester, Ohio; and Fischers, Indiana (among many, many others) giving themselves and their “hoods” the big shout outs. “Hey, we’re #(fill in number here) in the Money Magazine Best Places to Live… and you’re not! Ha! In your face!”

The full list of the “Money magazine Best Places to Live” will be out in the August issue of Money Magazine, and it uses to compare various factors like populations, average yearly income, taxes and other factors which then feed into the number-crunching maw of Onboard Informatics great machine, which chews them up and spits out a list of 100 small cities and towns that totally rock to live in., so long as their population numbers fall between a low of 8.500 and a cap of 50,000. So… sorry L.A., that puts you right out of the running for that, and no doubt a legion more, reasons. No “Money Magazine Best Places to Live” spot for you.