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Kat von D & Nikki Sixx

Now, Kat von D & NIkki Sixx were always a match made in, if not Heaven, then certainly one of the other afterlife options. But it seems I’m way out of touch with the social goings-on of a member of a band I never cared for and a woman from a number of Reality-TV shows I’ve never seen. Did you know they broke up last January? Me either. I don’t really think much about either one, tell the truth. Of course, if I had to spend time with one of them, it’d be the one with the smoking hot tattoos, fierce attitude and strong hands. Sorry Nikki Sixx… that wouldn’t be you.

So what’s going on in the post-“Kat von D & Nikki Sixx” world? Apparently they’ve wished each other well via the media and interviews, but they are taking a break from their two-year relationship, so that’s cool… had me worried a moment there. I like to see tattoo & leather people have someone who cares about them, and vice versa.

Rumors have abounded about Kat von D dating Jesse James, who as anyone knows and Sandra Bullock will tell you, is a real prize of a human being. If she’s hanging around with him it’s her business but I hope she keeps it casual. He seems to like to fool around witha girl of a certain “type”