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Julian Assange- The Trouble Just Gets Bigger and Deeper

Troubled, and in-trouble, Wikileaks CEO Julian Assange isn’t going anywhere fast. Held in British prison while the charges against him from Sweden are examined and extradition considered, there is yet more hints of bad news on the horizon. The U.S. Justice Department is ruminating over whether or not they can press charges against Assange under Espionage Laws that go back to the First World War.

The questions are mostly of the “can they prove that Assange engaged in actively soliciting the leaked files that Wikileaks has been releasing to the utter lack-of-delight of just about every country on Earth, or was he operating under the protection of First Amendment and 4th Estate?” parameters.

Meanwhile, the Swedes just want to prosecute Assange for rape and sexual misconduct charges, and they’re in line ahead of everyone at this point. It is likely that Assange will be turned over to them, unless he can prove that to do so would unfairly oppress him. Not likely, these kind of extraditions happen all the time, Roman Polanski not withstanding.

At the same time, Wikileaks is continuing to release new material, while sympathetic hackers and free-information advocacy groups endeavour to assist in whatever ways they ca