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Jimena Navarrete Miss Universe

Filed under: Award Shows,Fashion,Hot & Sexy — Tags: , , , , — Positronic Dave @ 2:41 pm August 24, 2010

miss mexico

I wonder if Arizona Governor Jan Brewer knows about this? I mean the terrible ramifications of the Jimena Navarrete Miss Universe win? For the 6th time now in just the past ten years, a hispanic woman has taken the job that many, many American girls believe they could do just as well. This is terrible… Gov. Brewer must be racking her brain to come up with a way to declare the Jimena Navarrete Miss Universe victory as contrary to Arizona State Laws… if only they could catch her coming over the border… they way all Mexican do, apparently. Right Jan?

The Jimena Navarrete Miss Universe dream was bigger than than the dreams of the other 88 contestants, as the girl from Guadalara took the crown, the gown and the plans for reknown. Using her title and visibility for good, the 22 year old plans to bring attention to the issues of AIDS/HIV and Breasts Cancer, to name just two. She will also make the mandatory appearances, promotional shoots, talk-show drop-bys, etc. She’s going to be a very busy beauty queen. Just ask last year’s Miss Universe-emeritus, Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela how busy the Jimena Navarrete Miss Universe schedule will be…