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Inverted Nipples – A Labor Day Love Story

Filed under: "Who Cares?" News,Health,Hot & Sexy — Tags: — Positronic Dave @ 2:02 pm September 6, 2010

Ah… nothing like a good healthy internet search for “Inverted Nipples” to remind one what is great about this country: free access to a world of information, right at our fingertips, with (comparatively) little censorship from the government. Or at least, minimal while the Tea Party is still a fringe concern and not yet a governing body. Or not yet governing our bodies. Same thing, really.

For those who received “Abstinence Only” Sex Ed, “inverted nipples” refers to when the nipple on a woman or man face inward, instead of pointing outwards. Other than that, little functional difference. About 1 or 2 in every ten women have inverted nipples, and while they look a little strange, they still are much the same as other nipples: they react to oral and manual stimulation, but here I’m going to lose the A.O. crowd, and good… those people are rarely that fun in bed. Ignorance does not equal bliss when we’re talking about gettin’ busy… understand me here?

Also, most women with inverted nipples will not experience any trouble with breast-feeding. In fact, often the suckling of the baby will cause the nipple to “pop out. Other methods