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Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill- Day 77 Dawns Tomorrow

The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill turns 77 tomorrow, 77 days that is. The worst eco-disaster in U.S.History continues, despite the efforts of the best and the brilliant to stop it, or even ebb the tide. Oh, and British Petroleum is helping out with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill too, they wanted us all to know that in hopes that we’d hate them a little less than they know we do. Sorry guys… didn’t work.

The Oiled Giant (and holder of the worst safety record in the entire oil industry) has so far paid out over $3 billion dollars towards clean-up efforts, as well as remunerations to local fishermen, fines, penalties, tax and a nice fat tip. This is a separate amount from the $20 billion dollar fund they set up at the insistence of President Obama, for which he has been criticized by industry-shills like Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, Rand “Crazier than my dad!” Paul, and Sarah “I’ll do anything for airtime!” Palin, both of whom have stood up for the poor old oil company being treated poorly by the bad, bad man.


A Whale, the Taiwanese oil skimmer’s first test run didn’t ring any church bells or let loose flocks of singing angels. Owners of the boat, said to be able to process well over 20 million gallons of oil-polluted water per day, maintain that high seas are impairing its performance. Apprently, it’s a “fair weather” friend. Meanwhile the fleet of smaller skimmers are just returning now to sea to combat the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, after being scared out of the area by the “Tropical Storm That Thought it was a Hurricane,” Alex.


The U.S, Navy is bringing in the blimp! An MZ-3A airship will be used to monitor the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, help in directing skimmers, and radio in help for endangered marine animals. Blimps can stay airborne for half a day, making them far more effective than planes or helicopters. If you, like me, are feeling the temptation to make Hindenburg comparisons, let’s refrain. We need every bit of good news we can get here.


The Texas Land Commissioner, Jerry Patterson, announced that tar balls are washing up on Texas beaches around Galveston Island and the Bolivar Peninsula yesterday, adding just one more $#%$@5 thing we can thank Tony Heyward and British petroleum for. Watch their P.R. try to make this a kind of “Hey kids! Know what’s fun to play with AND free from your pals at BP? Oil balls! Yaaaay!!!” summer thing.


The N.O.A.A. has declared even more territory that is closed to fisherman as the oil slick continues to spread. This means over a third of all federal areas in the gulf are closed now to fishing.